Saturday, August 29, 2015

Joe Hutchinson workshop a week ago in Loveland, CO

Joe says there are only four kinds of sentences available to us to use when we write poetry. Care to guess what the four types are? I'll give you two hints: one is statements; two is questions; three is _________; and four is ________.

However, in another workshop in Nebraska maybe seven or eight years ago, Carl Phillips broke poetry sentence use down into three more general types: long; short; and fragments. Oh, he had a fourth type, too, the medium-length sentence.

I think if we combine this with the statements Joe made that we get nine (or thirteen) types of sentences: long statements; short statements; long questions; short questions; long________; short__________; long________; short__________; and fragments.

Ok. Well, get writing. Start constructing those fragments and questions and __________s. Throw them together into a poem.


Blogger Glenn Ingersoll said...

Short short short long long long short short short

8/29/2015 8:59 PM  

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