Thursday, November 27, 2014

This happened

My daughter who is in 3rd grade loves to play at being hurt. She loves band-aids, ace bandages, gauze, slings, splints, et cetera. Last week, on a Sunday afternoon at the trampoline park, she hurt her ankle, couldn't walk on it. It was real. She was both terrified and happy. I took her to urgent care to get an x-ray: sprained. They gave her a splint, which she enjoyed. But she still couldn't walk well, and it was a week at her mom's house. So after the x-ray, I dropped her off at her mom's. Apparently, she had a hard time getting around school. Early Monday evening, after school, she called me. She was a little breathless with excitement: "Daddy. Mommy is going to buy me crutches, and Daddy, it is not just because I want them. It is because I need them." Now, her ankle feels better, but she still uses her crutches to get around the kitchen sometimes.


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